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My journey with photography began when I started shooting for my high school yearbook with an old 35mm camera I "borrowed" from my mom. Through my lens I discovered a hidden world of interactions between people, sparking a passion that has continued for more than 20 years...

I went on to study Electrical Engineering at OSU, and spent my spare time learning the crafts of traditional film photography, darkroom printing, and digital imaging.

I began shooting professionally in 2006, specializing in Lifestyle portraiture and Wedding photography. For 11 years, I managed my business on the side from a full-time career in Engineering, enjoying the best of both technical and creative worlds. My career included a lot of travel, which allowed me to serve clients all along the west coast.

In 2017 I retired from Engineering to return to Grad School for a Master's in Secondary Math Education. Once I graduate (June of 2019) my summers will finally be freed up to enjoy that work/life balance thing everyone speaks of. Though I still schedule portrait sessions throughout the year, I now book weddings only as an associate photographer for Chris Becerra, of Becerra Photography: Chris is a world renowned photographer and is a blast to work with.

What motivates me?

To me, Photography is the humble art of capturing the unscripted emotions and moments surrounding life's blessings.

I love meeting new and interesting people and I cherish the lasting friendships that develop with my clients. I thrive on the vicarious emotional experience I have when I photograph love-struck couples or a brand new baby. Nothing melts my heart like a newborn's wrinkled little feet or being there to document families as they grow through the years.

So please browse through my portfolio of work both here, on Facebook (, and Instagram ( and if you have any questions or comments I'd love to hear from you!